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We contacted the band to make sure they were on board. And with their assistance, we scheduled a bunch of interviews with fans and other bands around Baltimore.

However, after seeing the incredible footage that Gabe was able to record of the band’s final performances, Folk Hero Films decided to expand the project into a feature length documentary.

Because of the nature of the performances and venues, we knew that we couldn’t use a whole lot of bulky equipment.  The Canon 5D Mark II was selected for the documentary because of its compact size and relative low cost compared to other cameras.  The risk of damaging equipment during the tour was fairly high.

Show posters from the final tour: Baltimore (2), Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago (2), D.C., and Brooklyn.

Hunt of a Lifetime Origin Timeline (deleted scene from The Harvest

"Powerful and disturbing…its images and characters stay with one well after…" - Robert Ito, Salon.com

Begun in 2007 and filmed over the course of four years, DeLoach intimately enters the lives of three families struggling to make sense out of the unfairness of life. By maintaining a sincere tone and positing poignant questions, DeLoach succeeds at portraying the brutal but honest reality we can all relate to but somehow try to avoid: death. The characters in this film cannot avoid it, and we are in inspirational awe of how they deal with life’s daily struggles and the taking of the life of another living being. Whether we agree with their actions or not, we may find ourselves conflicted and inspired to remap our convictions.

The Harvest: A Story About Giving follows Arianna, Tyler, and Casey as they fulfill their wishes to hunt turkey, black bear, and elk. The film introduces Tina Pattison, who founded Hunt of a Lifetime, the controversial group sponsoring these trips, after the Make-A-Wish Foundation denied her dying son’s request to hunt moose. The story also looks deep into America’s hunting culture, where a reverence for nature exists alongside the desire to kill. Yet most indelibly, the film portrays three extraordinary individuals and their families as they enter the wilderness to claim their share of the harvest.

TRAILER for The Harvest: A Story About Giving

The Harvest: A Story About Giving DVD

2011 / 83 mins / Documentary / Color / Region Free

"One of the top 20 docs of 2011" - Jay Cheel, The Documentary Blog
"Powerful…its images and characters stay with one well after…" Robert Ito, Salon.com

The Harvest joins three children with life-threatening illnesses as they realize their dreams of hunting turkey, bear, and elk in the wilderness. A journey to the point where life and death meet, The Harvest offers a provocative yet respectful look at extraordinary individuals who lose their innocence and become hunters.

Watch the trailer.

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If We Shout Loud Enough DVD

2013 / 98 mins / Documentary / Color / Region Free

If We Shout Loud Enough is an intimate portrait that follows the punk band, Double Dagger, as they complete their final tour and album, tracing the history and growth of both the band and Baltimore’s underground music and arts scene.
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DVD BUNDLE! The Harvest + If We Shout Loud Enough

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Folk Hero Films first started a working relationship with Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals of Post Typography when they did the title design work for the feature documentary The Harvest in 2011.   However, Gabriel’s relationship with the pair actually extended well beyond that, back to when they each pursued a degree at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2001.  So when the opportunity came to film the final tour of Double Dagger (Willen’s and Strals’ band), Folk Hero Films could not resist.

At first, the project was not planned to be a feature documentary.  The plan was for Gabe to travel with the band by himself capturing the tour in its entirety as a memento for the bands 10 years of existence.


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