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For more information about The Harvest: A Story About Giving”, visit www.theharvestmovie.com (also beautifully designed by Post Typography).

Lastly, we elected to not interview the speaker, but instead, interviewed his colleagues to tell a story.

For a more environmental setting, we organized an interview with the speaker outdoors and incorporated footage of trees.

Here we combined existing footage of the speaker, Dr. Fuhrman, with staged footage of food that we filmed in a studio.

The above video introduces the Charlottesville HS Orchestra through footage we filmed of their teacher and classroom.

In the summer and fall of 2013 we worked with TEDx Charlottesville on a series of promotional content aimed at raising awareness of the newly formed non-profit. Coverage of the day long event combined with off-the-cuff interviews with speakers created the mini-doc promo seen above.

Months before production began for the live talks, we created short web advertisements to help spread the word leading up to Charlottesville’s inaugural TEDx event. Without spoiling their TEDx talks, each video featured a major speaker and focused on a topic that related to their field.


In total, we have participated in some way on (7) 24 hour, (6) 48 hour, (4) 72 hour competitions. The speed of competition has helped us to hone our production craft and to think quicker on our feet.

We’ve also participated in a variety of other competitions that have ranged from 24 hours to 72 hours long. The sic-fi genre film above was produced in just 24 hours. Even though the project itself was mainly just done for fun, we still challenged ourselves technically within the extremely short timeframe.

In 2011, we participated in the Hampton Roads 48 Hour film project. In addition to the normal challenges of a timed competition, we also had the task of producing a silent film that heavily incorporated the character of a rooster. Out of 26 teams, we again won Runner Up for Best Film, the award for Best Directing, and we also won Best Cinematography.


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